Does Coronavirus affect the Brain?

As we live in a world that is highly affected by Covid-19 , a lot of our lives revolve around learning to adapt and protect ourselves and our family members safe. While there is a lot already discovered about the virus, there are still a lot of things that we are unsure of. Out of those one is how Covid-19 affects the brain. Researches have been done on the symptoms of Covid-19 like loss of capacity to smell, an increase of potential to get a stroke and chronic fatigue, and many more. Now there seems to be new research on the loss of memory, dementia , and cognitive decline. People with Covid-19 can have a variety of conditions related to brain         Confusion          Loss of Consciousness           Seizures           Stroke           Loss of Focusing           Changes in behavior The blood clotting in people with illness is highly abnormal which clots a high amount of blood. Clots can form in veins deep inside the lungs where they can cut off blood flow. There may